This what I’m about to say is horrible this is just a simple warning before you continue reading my garbage…My vagina is a fucken crime scene this period is taking the best out of me my face looks like shit I’m breaking out and all I’ve done today is eat Mexican chile and tostadas and nothing else I been tired all fucken day and I didn’t do shit I feel like an ocean of emotions like master shake like seriously I’m questioning shit that I’ve never even questioned about myself and Im fucken getting out of hand no perla just no! -.- on the bright side I got new nipple rings today but I feel like shit still ):

Why must you rape me in the ass like this Mother Nature nothing Im saying makes sense ); and I sound like a pussy bitch but what’s worse than your vagina bleeding taking a shit while your on your period this scars every female for life we never talk about it but just think about your shit floating in -.- blood …ugh I’m so gross there I’m done can’t belive I fucken went there